Ankara, Turkey

Shilparamam, India

Berlin, Germany

Photographs below were found on the internet. I am not the original author, they are here as reference. Plans for travel would include the production of video and photographic works reflecting on the sculpture, space, and context each Gulliver occupies. If you or someone you know would like to help support this project, please email: topher.lineberry@gmail.com

​Thank you very much!

Valencia, Spain


From shared transnational visions lifted from Jonathan Swift’s 18th Century colonial blockbuster novel, Gulliver’s Travels, Limuel Gulliver’s body is monumentalized for multiple publics. Scale casts those who view, visit, and activate the statues of Gulliver as the fictive Lilliputians of the imgainary far-off land of Lilliput. In multiple geographic locales, Gulliver’s body threads, breaks, and multiplies potential cultural and social meanings of an Anglo-Saxon male giant, belived by Lilliputians in Swift’s novel to be an invasive traitor. While the story of Gulliver proceeds in multiple chapters, locations, and arrangements of power, this iconic scene pervades geography while calling attention to the colonial nature of its pervasion. 

Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan