Whats R Whom is a series of 2D works, sourcing images from the last holiday catalogue ever produced by the now-bankrupt Toys R Us. Each work has been loosely modeled from the architecture of an early English colony in what is for-now the United States: Roanoke, Jamestown, and Plymouth Rock. As a corporation specializing in toys - in charge of reproducing historical and material ideology through play - Toys R Us and its bankruptcy harkens to the unsustainable role of the corporation and its earlier joint-stock models such as the East India Company, The London Company, The Virginia Company, The Plymouth Company, and the still active Hudson's Bay Company: violent necessities in bridging the interests of European settler-colonialism with its spawn of 'global' capitalism. Using maximal form to reflect on the failure of Toys R Us, Whats R Whom re-examines the complex relationship between capital and the colonial (with specific note to Anglo-centrism); the company's unique mantle serves to replicate and re-inscribe this knotty relationship into the cultural imaginary of the "youth consumer's" demands.